Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why can't I do anything simple?

So it just occured to me that I have to do things full out rather then just simple and easy.

The purpose of choosing to do a party over something simple like dinner at a local restaurant was supposed to be easy. Because I get the hall for free through work and one of the chefs there offered to cook for me for cost of food and half the labor costs of what a caterer would charge was an easy one to make. After all, taking 12 people out for dinner would cost AT LEAST that amount, if not more. Having dinner at my house wasn't an option since I have to work the night before and won't have time to cook anything. Plus, my house is small. The dining room only seats 4, so it is not meant to be hosting larger dinner parties, or any parties for that matter (yes I am concerned about that come Dillon's birthday time). Plus, since the hall is available and cheaper then other options, I could invite more people and the family members who have yet to meet Dillon can finally meet him.

So simple right, get the hall. The manager told me not to worry about tableclothes or plates or anything. I could use what I needed. But of course, I can not deal with white. White is too boring. I need some color to the hall. So I now need to go out and get tableclothes. Decorations. You name it.
I find the choice of Christening decorations to be pretty plain. So I decided to do a light blue and dark blue combination and found a "God Bless this child" banner so people will know why they were there. Not like they won't know why they are there, but I need something Christening related there.

Next, centerpeices. I can not have a table without centerpeices. Okay, I could. I just don't want to. After all this is the first party I get to host since 2002. I love putting parties together... or do I? I guess the thing is that because I work in the industry, I see a whole lot of parties through the year. I know what I like and take note of it. So to do something simple, just would not do. I have seen simple and simple does not impress me. Yes, we are celebrating a religous event. But who says religous events need to be simple?

So here was my original idea for centerpeices. Candy! There will be at least 10 children there and kids like candy and so do their parents. So I was also going to place scoops at each table so people can take a bag home as a favor. I have seen candy in bowls before and it looks awesome to color up a plain hall. BUT candy in big bowls can cost a lot. 10 tables with bowls of candy... well that can be $$$. More money possibly then I am spending on the meal. So nevermind. Remember - the reason for doing it this way was to SAVE money! So I asked my mother to do flower centerpeices. I will get simple vases at Michaels and dress it up with ribbon and a few bunches of flowers. Then my mom with her flower arrangement skills can put it all together. I'll save the candy idea for later, maybe his graduation party in 2026, people will still like candy then right?

Next, what will people do for 4 hours? They can't just sit around and talk can they? A DJ, I will get a DJ. Wait - DJs cost money. Duh? How's about an iPod playing background music. Good enough. Again, this is supposed to be cheaper then a dinner out.

Invitations, I will make myself on the computer and send them out, although I was looking at some really pretty ones online. Nope, I will not get sucked in.

Food - whatever the chef can make for under $500 for 100 people or less. Which since he has 2 months notice, he can shop the sales and get some good options. All I need to get is a cake. A CAKE - I look online and see cakes shaped as bibles and all these other cool designs... hello - a simple sheet cake will do.

Done - a simple party.

Then of course is his Christening outfit. I had saved my wedding dress so I could make a Chritening gown for a girl. I don't want to use it, I am still holding out for my phantom girl miracle that will not happen, but the dream is still there. (Roll eyes)

So I found the perfect outfit for him. Of course, it is not simple - because I HATE simple and it costs double then what I could buy at JC Penny, but I fell in love with it and need it. And nothing is too good for my one and only child, so all reasoning aside I am getting it. So what he will only wear it once. I will be the crazy mother in law demanding my grandson wear his dad's out dated clothes. Simple.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dillon's Christening date is set.

It was really the hardest thing we had to do so far. Getting dates that worked for everybody was close to impossible. I wanted to wait until April, when the weather was starting to warm up a bit. My sister, Dillon's Godmother, was not available the last weekend of April. My aunt, also my godmother, really wanted to attend his baptism and she was not available the last week of May. March was out because 2 weekends were booked. So when the church receptionist threw out May 16th, I told her I would have to get back to her once I checked with all the key players. Of course, it turns out to be Godfather Glen's birthday. We double check to make sure he had no plans, and he doesn't. We asked if he minded having it on his birthday and he doesn't. Yay. Done. I call back and confirm the date.

Next, we were deciding on if we should have a celebration or not. It is traditional for my family to party no matter what the event. Scott's family is more laid back. So I decided to leave it up to the reception hall. As you may or may not know, I work for the reception hall.

I call in and ask my boss to check a date for me. When I mentioned it, he said "ut oh", I replied. "No, if it is booked, it is no big deal." He said, "No it is available. It is the only date in May available"

So there you have it, I am having my first big party since my wedding. I expect the guest list will be around 100 people. I have to invite everyone who went to my shower, which was about 50 people. Their spouses and children. Plus Scott's friends who were not at the shower, spouses and children. I am debating on whether to keep it simple with just a light dinner served or if I should do a DJ to keep people entertained. It will be in the afternoon, so I am not sure what to do.

I did find the perfect outfit for Dillon to wear. Now the debate on what size I should order is on. He no doubt will be heavier then he is now, but will he be a full size bigger or even more? He seems to be growing like a weed!

SO I will have a busy next couple of months. Finding decorations, invitations, planning the menu. Now that I think of everything, I kind of wish the hall was booked already! I should have waited a week to check the date. Oh well!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's 5:30am and I am awake.

Nothing unusual for a mom, I am sure. What is unusual about it is that the baby is sound asleep.

For the last few days Dillon has been waking in his crib and entertaining himself with his mobile. It is great! He played for close to an hour yesterday before I went to get him to give him a bottle. What is not great is that I was paranoid about it. Like he was crying for hours and I soundly slept through it all or something, so he gave up and resorted to entertaining himself. So, at the first sound of him awaking this morning I was up. I checked on him and he was content. So I let him be. Now he drifted back to sleep and I am waiting for his next move.

I lucked out on how easy he is as a baby. He has his cranky moments, but I think I can read him pretty well. He fusses when he is hungry, when he is tired and when he has gas. Other then that he can be entertained by just staring at the ceiling, the lights or just about anything really.

He has taken to cooing lately. He will look up at me and just make this cute little 'ohhh' sound. It melts my heart. I think he is ready to bust out laughing any moment too. I went to dinner over my mom's house this past weekend and his cousins were there. He got the biggest kick out of Connor eating. He was smiling, cooing and half laughing. Hard to explain, but he would bust out this 'hah' sound every now and again. In any event Connor got a kick out of him and vice versa.

We are 1 week away from 3 months. I can not believe how fast it has all gone. It seems like yesterday I was crying none stop because he was in NICU and I was sore and tired and hormonal. In the same token, it seems like it was forever ago. I was looking at pictures of his bruised face the other day and I could not believe that was my baby. He was so tiny and looked so broken. Now, I have this chubby cheeked, 12 pounder (I am guessing).

He is now in 0-3 and 3 month clothes. What sucks is so many people bought him 3-6 month outfits and it is looking like winter will be over before he can fit into them. Of course here in New England we never have much of a spring, so everything except the heaviest of outfits may get some wear. At least I am hoping, the way it has been going with all the snow to the south you never know though.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Could he not be the cutest baby?

I look at him and I just can not stop. He is amazingly cute. So cute you want to eat his chubby little cheeks. When he smiles, my world stops and I would stand on my head and make funny faces just to see it one more time. I am so so in love with this little guy. I wonder if anyone else can see how adorable he is? As much as me? I gush about him and his accomplishments of the week when I am at work. I am the woman I would role my eyes at before I understood all this wonder in watching him grow each day.

His milestone - cooing. He coos at so much right now. He will wake in the morning and stare at his mobile. When I hear him cooing I go in and I get a big smile and a gush of excitement.

Smiling - he has smiled at everyone he has met so far. He smiles at his giraffe. His mom, his dad and his grandmothers. My mom of course needed to point out that he smiled TWICE at her lol

Pushing up on his legs - he tries to move all around when you are holding him. He has good neck control and is so strong.

It is just amazing to me that my little sleeping beauty, who did not wake unless food was calling him, is so alert and strong right now. Oh and he is such a good baby! We hardly here him cry. Gas and hunger are the two triggers. Then he is looking and watching and smiling! He has grown so much in the 11 weeks I have known him. I can not wait for the next 11 weeks or 11 years for that matter!

He also outgrew his newborn stuff and is in to 0-3. So the task of packing up his clothes came and it was HARD. I cried. Then I folded up each little onsie and sleeper and tucked it away. Will this happen with every clothing upgrade?