Monday, May 17, 2010

We all had a fabulous time!

The christening went off with out any major hitches. His Godfather was late, but that is because his mother insisted he go by her house before. He is not sure why and neither are we, since she was going with her other son and her house is about 20 minutes out of the way. So he gunned it to the church leaving them somewhere behind. They showed up about 10 minutes into the ceremony.

Next, mother in law asks the priest loudly "I know it is a pain in the ass, but can you sign his baptism book"... in church, with 3 other babies and their families being christened. I guess she will be having to go to confession for swearing. Then she of course needed to be with her grandson the WHOLE time. So when we got back to the hall and I was greeting guests, she was hovering over me and him in the car seat. Back off lady!! Let me get him out. I politely told her I was bringing him around to everyone but promised she could have him back. Then the daggers started as everyone wanted Dillon time and she was pouting in the corner that she could not hold "her baby". Ugg!!! She sees him once a week. It is not like she has not seen him in months. Let me take him around to friends who are there to meet him and see him, some people for the first time.

The party went really smoothly. Everyone loved the food. The kids had a great time dancing and some parents too! I am glad I did have the big party as everyone was so excited to spend time with Dillon and he loved the attention, dancing and being bounced around from person to person. I think he will be a mayor one day! He was all smiles. I am hoping someone will send me a pic of with him smiling because every time I get the camera out he gets the "what's that" look on his face.

But it was exhausting too! We all crashed when we got home. Dad on the sofa. Dillon in his crib and mom had the for site to go to bed. I slept from 7pm until 6:30 when Dillon woke me up (he slept just as long). He is now down for his second nap today, I think he is still wiped. I am recovering, slowly!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday is his big day!

RSVPs are in, well most of them. 80 people yes, 5 who I have not yet heard from and 30 no's. Most of the no's are Scott's family as I told you about in an earlier post. Oh well.

So menus is set. I just have to run around later in the week to order the cake, finish making the favors (small little jars of blue and white M&Ms) and making some cheese and cracker trays and other little appetizers. I have to decorate the hall the night before, after I get out of work. I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends enjoying Dillon. He loves hustle and bustle - so he should enjoy everyone around as well.

His outfit is perfect! I think he grew an inch since he last tried it on, so it should fit great. The church is set and the Godparents are all ready with their confirmation certificates. I am excited for my little guy and his first big event.

Of course I will post pictures next week sometime!

As for my little guy. He is eating up his solids. He loves most of them except pears and applesauce. He is about to turn over. He goes side to side when he is on his back - but has no desire to go the whole way yet. He tries to turn off his stomach, he just doesn't have all the strength he needs yet to get all the way over. He is a happy guy. Smiles and laughs a lot - except when the camera is in his face, then he gets the look of "What's that" when ever we try to take his picture. One day I will catch him off guard!

Mother's day was incredible. Scott got me a beautiful charm bracelet with the first charm being a heart with Dillon's birthstone in it. It came in a little jewelry box with "World's best mom" engraved in it. We went out for brunch and it was the first time I didn't feel uncomfortable with all the kids around with their parents. It was finally my turn.

A friend from work also gave me a flower and wished me a happy first mothers day. So sweet of him.

And that is all for now. Sorry my updates are few and far between.