Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ugg the room the room

We have spent the entire weekend clearing out the room. The room we have collected everything in now for 7 years. The room that had odds and ends, futons, spare sectional sections. Computer desk, games, JUNK. It made sense at the time just to throw EVERYTHING in here. Now that it is time to take it all away, I wish I had second thought it to begin with. It is cleared though, all that is left is to decide what to do with the computer.

That has been a subject of debate now for about 3 months. He wants it down in the basement. We have a small finished off area down there, but it is not heated yet. Umm honey winter is coming and we can not really afford to place a heating system in there at this time. How about upstairs, the area of the house that is heated but the wiring is not upgraded yet... nope can't do it. The living area? It would be too cluttered with one more thing in there. Hows about I just buy an inexpencive netbook? Nope, maybe for Christmas... I can not live without a computer for 4 months! Okay put it in the basement, I will use a space heater for the time being. It shouldn't be THAT cold until December anyway. So, that is the plan. By next week I will be stuck in the basement nesting away. At least at this point it is cool down there.

Next comes paint - I destroyed a forest and collected paint chips of every possible shade of every possible color I was debating. I have now narrowed it down to a smokey blue. I will get some paint samples this week and see which I like.

Scotty has to repair the hole in the wall. Tear down the 70's wallpaper still in the closet. Then it is on to painting the room. The furiture should arrive shortly after that. I still need new shades and a rug. I am searching the internet as we speak for the perfect rug. Debating the color of that as well - chocolate brown or a cream color... hmm.

I will post pictures of the progress as we go!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The nursery planning has begun!

I am so excited and going out and shopping hit home that this is coming and coming fast. I am at the half way point today. 20 weeks!!!

My mother and I went shopping for the crib and combo/changing table yesterday. My mom was generous enough to offer to buy the crib. My aunt and uncle kind enough to give me money towards "what ever I needed", so all of this helped a ton! I was concerned that shopping with my mother would become a struggle, she likes what she likes and tries to make everyone else like what she likes as well. I lectured my mother on the way up there that my tastes might be different then hers, she said she understood and I could get what ever I wanted. Well, turned out my mother does have similar tastes in furniture as I do and getting a darker wood piece was not an issue.

We walked up and down the aisles about 5 times. Always stopping at the same one. Then the sales person asked if he could help us. "I think I like this one, but I am not sure". Mom rolled her eyes and said to walk around again and get back to her. I did, and it was the one!! I loved all the detail on the spindles, legs and headboard (the picture does not do it justice).What I liked most is that it turns into a pretty impressive full sized bed as well. I did not want something that looked like a crib trying to be a bed since this will be lifetime furniture for my little one.

The delivery is due in about 10-12 weeks, although "usually sooner" as the sales person said. I can not wait to see it in the room! When I got home and showed Scott he said he loved it and would start clearing out the room this weekend. Looks like my strategy of having something tangible about to arrive worked to get him moving! Next week I will order the bedding and when it arrives I will pick out the paint color! I am so excited to finally change the would be nursery into a real nursery. It has waited long enough!

Friday, August 7, 2009

So it is official!

We were trying on boys names for the last couple of days. The list was in my previous post. We decided on Dylan at first, although I was not sure how to spell it, Scott said he didn't have a preference either way. Dylan is feminine to me - something about the Y that does it for me. Not sure, it just is. I know many people spell it with a Y and Dylan is the more popular spelling out of the Dillon/Dylan debate (if that is how your son is spelled, please do not take offense). But it bothered me a tad...

So H called me from work yesterday and asked me to send a email with the u/s picture to him. I titled said email "Hi daddy, it's me Dylan"

Next thing I know I have an email in reply. "Shouldn't it be Dillon?" Well, see you DO have a preference daddy! Wasn't that easy? He said the same thing I said, Dillon looks more manly, to him. Done!

So... Hi world, it is me Dillon Richard B.!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's in a name.

I have become indecisive in choosing my boys name. Before we knew it was a boy we both liked Christian. Then I thought of it some more and became iffy on it, mostly because he undoubtedly would be called Chris more then once in his life time. My name is Kristine, called Kris more then a 1000 times in my life... next.

Scott's dad passed away. Richard Scott Br... Wait! While it is a wonderful tribute to his father, he already has a namesake. Rick is Scott's older brother. I am not crazy about Rich or Richie and mostly Dick. I could call him Richard, but again people will call him Rich or Richie. I thought long and hard, I know it is important to Scott, but I just can not hate my son's name. So what does any pregnant woman do when she is torn. She cries like a two year old. Childish? Yes. Selfish? Perhaps a tad, but I am trying to picture little Richie in my head and I just can't. You know the scream across the room test "Richard Scott Bre. get over here" ... insert record scratch...

So as any married couple does, we compromised. Richard will now be his middle name. Still honoring his father.

So here are now the contenders:
Nicholas Richard (last name sounds like pressure in a Boston accent with a B instead of P)
Michael Richard
Dylan or Dillon Richard
Evan Richard

Right now we are leaning towards Dylan or Dillon. As Scott said in a few days I will change my mind... Out of all the names I *think* this one is the best option for us, Michael is still overused. Evan initials will be ERB like Herb. Nicholas is a great name, but not when he may be a Christmas baby.

So what do you think about Dylan or Dillon? As you can see I am not sure how I like it spelled. The Y looks feminine to me, but it is the more popular spelling. Decisions Decisions.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm having a boy!

So it took a few days for everything to sink in. For the past couple of months I was picturing a girl in my head, so when we saw the goods it was more shocking then I thought it would be. I had to change around my whole thought process and was a teenie tiny bit disappointed because all the day dreams I had were of a little girl.

That all changed last night as I was watching America's Funniest Videos. There were so many cute boy clips and I can not wait until I get to play catch in the yard and tickle him and even have him catching me gross bugs!

I am deciding on his nursery and am falling in love with a jungle idea, I know a lot of people pick this theme, but there is just way too many cool things to not love a nursery there! Of course there is a turtle/sea theme I am also caught on. Wow only 4 more months before the holidays and 5 EEK before the baby arrives... I need to get moving!