Friday, January 29, 2010

Two months

I probably should give up this blogging thing since I have been so bad at it. It is just hard to get free time where I am not on the clock to get other things done before Dillon wakes up. I have yet to master one handed typing when I am holding him, which lately has been a lot. It seems he decided the only place he likes to nap is on me!

He is doing wonderfully. He close to doubled his birth weight. He is now 9 pounds and 10 ounces! My chunky monkey!

He got his two month shots yesterday and it broke my heart. The nurses had me hold his hands as they did tandem shots in both legs. As soon as the needles went in, tears welled in his eyes and he gripped my hands tighter. Then he looked at me with a look of terror on his face. I nearly cried myself. When we got home, he was cranky. Pretty much all night he needed to be heard. Now he is sleeping the day away.

He also has thrush and was given medicine for it. I wounder how the medicine will work since I can't seem to get him to keep it in his mouth! Is there a trick to that?

Milestones. None really. He still has not smiled. At least anything I have noticed as a real smile. Sometimes he smirks and does and "Elvis lip" where one side of his mouth will curve. My mom said not to worry, three months is the magic number. I keep seeing pictures of 1-2 month old babies smiling though and wonder what's going on!

He loves his play mat. He can sit there for a long time just kicking his legs and reaching for toys. The other day I had thought he may have it in him to turn himself over, he was reaching so hard for an elephant. Then he got frustrated and that ended.

I went back to work. It is hard to mix the baby and work. I have been exhausted! Luckily Scott is a huge help and still takes over when he gets home from work for a couple of hours so I can nap. We had a few day stretch of Dillon sleeping 6-7 hours. But the last few days he has been back to 3 hours.

Now we need to establish some type of routine for our family. Scott stopped going to the gym after work to help me. I stopped doing errands in the afternoons because I did not want to take Dillon out too much before his vaccines. Well, I'll let you know how we do with that next time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six Weeks

Both Dillon and I had our 6 week appointment yesterday. I double booked and was worried we would not pull it off, but all went smoothly.

First, his appointment. His doctors office is only 5 minutes from my house, so I packed him and all his stuff up and hit the road. We got there early, I was hoping that if I was early they would take us early. That backfired and all it meant was that I got to spend extra time in the waiting room (a shared waiting room with other doctors in the building) with some woman who was 2 eggs short of a dozen. She was going on and on about how she is not allowed to get to close to people, how all she wants is to give love, that her doctor doesn't like it when she gives love, so she won't.

Of course, that made me pull Dillon close to me and pray a little that she does not notice him. Well, she did. She came up slowly and asked to see him. I told her he was sleeping but she could peak in, but not to touch to wake him. My heart was pounding. Luckily, she did just peak and then went on her way. Phew. Scary.

Then the doctor called us in. Every time they call Dillon it is surreal, "oh yeah, that is us". Off we go to get weighed, the major reason for the appointment. 8 pounds, 1 ounce. 19.5 inches long. My big boy, close to double his weight since birth! Heart check, a quick look over. We set up our 2 month appointment for shots and the doctor tells me to give him a half a dose of Tylenol before the appointment to help with the shots. Done.

Time check. 1 hour to go to get to my appointment which is 15 minutes away. Just enough time to get a quick bite to eat and feed him before my appointment. So we head in. We get to the little cafe in the building my doctor is located and I get a sandwich and some hot water to warm Dillon's bottle. I eat and wait for Dillon to wake - nothing. He is enjoying the stroll and car ride. I look at my watch and we have a 1/2 hour so I decide to let him sleep and I will head up and check in. Then I will feed him as we wait.

In the waiting room he gets a little cranky, I take him out and begin to feed him. Next thing you know they call me. Great. They are never early! So I stick him in his seat and as he is screaming for more food. The nurse weighs me, takes my blood pressure, all while Dillon is screaming. I'm sweating at this point. "Please baby boy just wait a few minutes". Surprisingly my blood pressure is low!

The nurse tells me to take my pants off and hands me a gown, then leaves. I strip down really quick then grab Dillon and his bottle. Hoping the doctor will be her usual slow self. Thankfully she was and I got to get about 4 ounces in him and a sizable burp. As she comes in a stick him back in the stroller. He was calm again!

The doctor checks my tear, healed perfect. Then we discuss birth control. I told her we were playing everything by ear and what ever will be will be. She also asks me if I will do IVF for a second. I told her at this point it was unlikely. Finances are not on our side to afford 2 kids and pay off more IVF payments.

She ended the appointment with saying that she knew she will see me again. I wish I was that confident. I am not going to bank on miracles. Scott and I will enjoy what we have and enjoy ourselves - What ever will be, will be. I am fortunate enough for one healthy little guy. Not our ideal family, but I can not let infertility control my life anymore, it took too much of it to begin with. All I can do is be thankful to come out ahead. For that I am thankful and fortunate. With that we left the OB office for maybe the last time. (Notice how after that whole speech I still have to put a maybe in there?)

So now pictures, a then and now 1 month comparison:
He is getting chubby cheeks!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh I am a bad blogger!

Wow. Sorry for no updates. Life has been hectic getting used to this mommy thing and I am loving it!
Dillon is the best little one in the world. He is so calm. For the most part he cries when he is hungry or needs his diaper changed. He sleeps A LOT, but never at the times mommy wants him to sleep. Eventually we will get into a routine, but right now, I am just following his lead.
He has gained a ton of weight since coming home. His last appointment he was an ounce away from 7 pounds. I am convinced he is 8 pounds now, although H does not think so yet.
I am sure you want pictures. SO here they finally are. Yes, you guessed it these are last months additions. I promise now that I am getting more used to this to be better in updating, and pictures!

Dillon in NICU:

Coming Home: