Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been awhile

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Life has been hectic, although in a complete stand still in the IVF front. AF came, just 3 days late, making it impossible to start my IVF cycle because I would have been close to ER during the week of Christmas. So because the lab goes on break then "for their annual cleaning" I need to wait a cycle. So I have about 25 more days before starting BCP now. I just want to get on with this already!

As for dad, he is doing great. He was supposed to be released today, but as of 10:34 he has not gotten word that he will get to go home. He needs to climb stairs before he is released and they have not done that yet. So he waits. So now I guess tomorrow will be release day since usually they discharge by 10am. He looks really well. Besides the weight gain, but it is all water weight that he will quickly lose as soon as he gets out and about.

And that would be it. I won't bore you with the stand still boringness of my life any longer.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making progress

So things are starting to move along now. Everything in my life felt as though it was on hold. For me, I was stuck in wait mode to start IVF #2 for my Dad he was sitting around with 4 blocked arteries waiting to be cut open.

They rescheduled my dads surgery for Monday. So it is basically a replay of last week. I will drive my mom and him in on Sunday. He will spend the night to prep for surgery and then the following morning I will drive my mom in to be with him until they wheel him down to the OR. Hopefully, things will actually progress this time and he will have the surgery and be recovering by Monday night.

On my front, I am in the 2ww to start IVF #2. Finally! Scott still needs a blood draw, which we will get done this weekend. Then next week he will go in for his pre IVF semen analysis. Then I should be approved by the board and get my drugs and protocol for the IVF. Most likely go on BCP as well. So by Christmas I hope to have 2 beautiful and strong embabies in me! And 3-4 on ice as well. I think I can be greedy and want it all right? ;)

Oh and yes, Saturday is my 37th birthday. Not really in the mood to celebrate, kind of dreading it. BUT my mom wants an excuse to have the whole family together before dad goes in for his operation and I am that excuse. So we will have dinner and a cake at my moms. While I blow out the candles and make one final wish for the thing I have wished for for 6 years running... I can not tell you what the wish is, since if I do it won't come true. But I bet you can guess.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is starting to be a giant cluster fuck!

So dad goes in Sunday afternoon to prep for his surgery. He is there all night, getting shaved from head to toe, taking a peroxide or what ever that orange stuff is bath and getting no sleep because he is nervous as anything. Then come 6am the Dr comes in and tells him he has a bladder infection and there would be a chance they would need to cancel the surgery.

So my mom gets in at about 8am the Drs are telling him it would be a go. So she waits from 8am to 11 with him nervous as can be, and that is when they decide to cancel it - or decided to tell them at least. Then from 11am until 1pm he has to sit there waiting to be release. I went in at 11am to take them home and waited the 2 hours along with my oompa loompa looking dad (from the bath he got the night before)

So he goes home with instructions to take antibiotics for a week and get a re check on his urine. Then if it is clear they will reschedule the surgery for 1-2 weeks (right near Thanksgiving).

So when they get home, the decide to call his urologist to see if she would see him and make sure everything was okay in there. They go in this morning, she reads all the labs and finds HE DID NOT HAVE AN INFECTION!

All this for nothing, but because he started the antibiotics he needs to go the full week of them and of course the surgeons and operating room need to be rebooked. So the time table is still the same. Ugg - so frustrating!!!

I would hate to be him. We think the 2ww for taking a pee test is tough, I can only imagine his anxiety to get this over with and get on with recovery! So that is the news for now. None!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dad goes in Monday

His quadruple Bi Pass is now set and ready to go for Monday morning. He is nervous, my mom is nervous and I am nervous but trying not to show it so they won't be more nervous. He keeps saying "they are going to cut me open like a lobster and take my heart out and flop it on a table" not a very pleasant thought.

His friends are all amazing! I ran into one yesterday and he gave me his number and said to give it to my Mom in case she needs anything. He, at about 65 said if it snows she will need someone to shovel and he can shovel. The offer was sweet, but I volunteered Scott for shovel duty and he passed it on to our friends son. (Yes - I have friends with teenage children)

I am very glad we decided to buy this house two blocks from my mother. You never realize your parents are getting older until something like this happens. The reality of it all scares me.
I want so much for them to know their grandchildren and for my children to know their grandparents. I grew up with my grandparents living in the same house. Very close knit and always wanted that for my family. When something like this happens it makes you wonder how much time really is left. Another reason to kick myself for the choices made.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers. If you could spear an extra one or two, I could use them on Monday!