Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have had it in my mind awhile that I wanted to get Dillon's picture professionally, or semi-professionally, done for quite some time. I kind of regret not getting his newborn photos done. Of course, at the time, photos were the last thing on my mind. So I guess I can't beat myself up too badly and even if I could, there isn't a whole lot I can do now.

So I went on line and tried to find the best place to take him. Sears? JC Penny? Olan Mills? The Picture People? Portrait Innovations? Those were my options. I went to each sit online and the best deal, in my opinion, was from Portrait Innovations. No sitting fee, 1 10x13, 2 8x10, 4 5x7, 4 3x5, and 32 wallets all for $9.99. Who could beat that?
I know the whole purpose of the package deal is to draw you in so you will buy more. I also knew they had a CD available with certain packages. So my plan going in was to buy the cheapest package available with the CD so I could print what I wanted at home. I figured I could get by with spending $50 or $60 dollars.


They did such and amazing job. Or I just think my son is the cutest thing in the world LOL. They took about 100 pictures. Had him on about 6 different poses. 3 clothing changes. He did great to start - smiling pretty for the woman and the camera. After a few minutes though he go the look of "Are we done yet ?" on his face. But - guess what... "Are we done yet" faces look good in pictures - so that is okay!

So then we really are done and it is time for me to decide which prints I want. Remember, the whole goal is to just come away with enough of a package to get the CD. So first I pick the one I want for the $9.99 package. The naked picture of him looking like a Gerber baby (in my mind anyway). Done.
Then the sales person (who feeds off a mothers love for a child) starts to make these collages of some photos. She does 3 10x13 images in collage form, plus a CD with the whole photo session and tells me I could have these FREE if I buy prints of every photo pose in every possible size... for just $495. What a deal (sarcasm).
No - I am smart - I am strong.
So now it comes to elimination time. I choose some no brainers to drop. But I took away enough to lose one "freebie"... It's okay, I didn't like that collage anyway. Next, I try to drop a couple more. Oops - one more freebie gone. That leaves 2 collages one with him in the naked pose with his feet and hands and one with his name in blocks - I really liked both and I want the CD.
So if I eliminate more photos, I lose another "freebie". I don't want to lose the CD - that is for sure. Because with the CD I have power to print what I want... But then the 2 collages. Which do I lose. UGGG! NOOOOOO.
The sales person looks at me. She cycles through the two collages and tells me to chose which one I want to lose. She gives me a look of "you are a bad mom if you lose this precious picture of your son"
I walk out of there spending $150 dollars have more photos then any none narcisistic person can handle and I feel defeated. Because I know that with the CD and photoshop knowledge I could have made the collage myself. I could have printed any size photo I wanted. I could have and should have - but I am a SUCKA!
I did talk to a couple of other suckas, umm I mean friends of mine, who told me I got off cheap. Most end up spending $200 plus. So I guess it could have been worse.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

He is getting to be so grown up

We are a week away from 4 months.

He seems to be learning more and more each day. His big thing now is that he HATES lying down. I remember just cuddling with him and now he just will not have that. He needs to be up and facing the world to see knew things. He is not interesting in gazing in my eyes anymore. Now he needs to see everything and everyone around him.

He grasps things. His favorite are his two teddy bears. One is a teething teddy, the other a tiny teddy bear rattle. He can place it in his mouth and jiggle it.

He is also coming up with new sounds. He squeals - not quite a laugh - but I guess close.

He is so incredibly happy! He plays in his cribs in the morning until I have a quick cup of coffee and when I go get him there is always a HUGE grin on his face. It melts me every single time. He loves getting naked on the changing table and we talk and he squeals and smiles. Until the pants go back on, then he has a little pout.

The weather warmed up here the past week so we finally took the stroller out for some walks. He slept for it all but for me it was wonderful to get more then a few minutes of fresh air in. I can not wait until it gets consistantly warm!

His four month appointment is not until mid-April. I was waiting for the doctors office to send me his appointment date in the mail, as they said they would. Nothing came. Then one afternoon I got a call from his doctor saying I need to call and book an appointment because her dates are filling up fast??? Umm Okay! So I did and now we have to wait for 2 weeks. Not a big deal really but I am anxious to see his weight and height and to hopefully get the okay to start some solids.

I can not believe how much he has grown these past few months. It is so amazing to me to see him learning new things and so quickly. It is true that they do grow so fast!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am a theif...

Dillon is growing like a weed lately. His pants are starting to get tight on him. He is still a shorty, but those short little legs are chunky! I decided to go out and find an Easter outfit. I am not pleased with boys clothes, at all. First, stores seem to have 100 different options for girls and only 3 or 4 racks of boy things. Second, what is up with argyle for Easter? Not that it is bad, but I am not into it!
Well, I am now. Because after hours of finding the perfect outfit - argyle won the battle.

Next I have some newborn onsies I needed to return to BRU. So I head across town to do that. Well the receipt I had does not match the onsie package. Umm a white onsie is a white onsie - just take it back will ya! No. I concede to the cashier. Then as I am walking away I say "oh wait, it is on my registry"

"You have 90 days to return stuff from the registry. When was your due date?"...

"Oh." I quickly try to remember what date I put down for my due date. I did an earlier due date to get the completion bonus... Wait he was a preemie who just turned 3 months. "Yep - before 90 days". It was like I won a prize or something. Score 6 bucks coming back to me!

Then I go to check out the clothes. Some cute stuff. None argyle Easter stuff. Why didn't I go here first? So I grab the outfit and some other outfits and find a cute "Baby's first Easter" bib.
I go to pay for everything and as I am walking out the door I notice I am holding the bib in my hand still. "Oh I need to pay for this, I forgot I was holding it" I said to the cashier. No big deal. Done.

Next I go to Target. Some cute T-shirts and a pair of jeans. Then I look for socks. Carters is the only ones that actually stay on his feet. I pick up a pack. I then change my mind about one of the t-shirts and go get some onsies instead. I hate how t-shirts ride up on him when I am holding him.

Done. I go to the cashier and place the socks and onsies on the register. Pay and head to my car. Load DS in the car and then fold up his snap n go... the jeans flung off the handle bar. Oops. I forgot I hung them on the handle bar instead of putting them on the pile of other stuff I had on his car seat.

I looked at him in the car. I looked at the long walk back to the store. Cased the parking lot for police cars... decided I was too tired to grab the baby, unfold the snap n go and go back. I am a thief. I am not proud of my actions, but I did not do it purposefully. I had a brain fart. And I am lazy. Plus you would think everyone I passed on the way out from the store would have noticed and stopped me. It was not like I was hiding it. It was hanging from my snap n go! I also gave myself a dope slap for doing this TWICE today. Wow, it is true that you loose your brain when you become a mother.

As I am typing this the guilt is running though me and I will probably go tomorrow to pay for them. But for today - I am a thief.

And to leave you off, a picture of my accomplice: