Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dillon is 8 month old

It has been quite a while since I have updated this blog. New motherhood has changed my habits and I barely get on line these days. I am doing some things for extra money, so we can afford a vacation to California next summer and that take up a lot of my free time.

Dillon has been going to swimming classes at the YMCA. I can't say he is learning how to swim, but he is learning how to enjoy the water and be comfortable with it. It is like a mommy and me class, but in water. He does love it and most classes he gets upset when they are over.
He got his bottom teeth in and now are working on the top. We still have not moved on to anything but purees, partly because I am uncomfortable and partly because he doesn't seem ready. He gags with anything I have ever placed in his mouth. Anything I give him he just plays with and then throws on the ground for the dog. So I will try again when he is 9 months old. I am in no rush and he doesn't seem to be either.
He got his foot check out and he has flat feet, but the one that was slightly crooked seemed to have straightened out. There is some question about his hip and we need a repeat X-ray in September, but the doctor seems to think it will correct itself like his foot did.
He isn't doing much crawling. He will try to when on the sofa, but when he is on the ground he hates being on his stomach. He does everything in his power do not stay on his stomach for long. He does scoot on his butt in a sitting position. Usually around in circles or a couple of inches to the front. My guess is he will skip crawling and go right to walking. Who knows he may surprise me.

It all is going by so fast, he is almost 4 times his birth weight and is so big and cute and has such a personality. I can almost picture him a year from now. He maybe a little terror lol.
Here are a couple of pictures I will leave you off with. I hope to find the time to up date again soon. Take care!

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